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Who Are We

Nelloreshop.com is an online grocery store delivering in Nellore

NelloreShop is a hybrid retail platform that is completely focused on ensuring that you can shop for your daily essentials & grocery brands from the comfort of your homes or offices and have your orders delivered to you in a matter of hours, not days.The ease of shopping comes along with the ability to get the products at competitive costs. Shopping on NelloreShop.com makes shopping for essentials more engaging, entertaining, effortless, fun and stress-free. NelloreShop are your trusted neighbourhood retailers, who have serviced you for years.

NelloreShop is especially designed keeping in view the modern consumers and shoppers busy lifestyle; who are always short on time and high on stress. Shopping on NelloreShop is non-intrusive yet social, effortless yet comprehensive and something that can be done at their convenience. You can now you the powerful feature of shopping lists; not just to create your personal lists. You can even check your previous Order Bills.

As a shopper you will find the experience effortless, convenient and cost-effective and it's all about shopping from comforts of his home or office, or by using any mobile device on the go. All purchases get delivered at home and all payments are made post delivery. NelloreShop is a free to use service for both the consumers and partner retailers; therefore there is no escalation of cost of essentials when you use NelloreShop.

Please help us make the platform perform to your needs. Please contact us regarding your shopping experiences, our roll-out plans or for partnering with us. Your advice and suggestions will help us fine-tune this unique engagement platform.

If you wish to contact individuals on the NelloreShop team, please do so from here. Please click HERE  to Contact us.

Here's wishing all of us a lot more Happy Shopping Experience.

Team NelloreShop.com